SCS for Citizens

SCS for Citizens

Lot of times people ask which martial art is the best (ultimate) or what can be recommended for them to start practicing. Answer is simple - there is no ultimate martial art.


In the Car

This Course is useful for everyday and professional drivers, professional bodyguards, policemen and military.

The techniques displayed are extremely efficient and relevant for a small confined space where you are limited of movement and time. The efficiency of these techniques is extremely important in the real world, life and death situations. Discover how to take action and prevail in the most life-threatening situations.

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This course includes:
- Familiarization with your own car
- What you need to have in car

Rules for safety:
- Rules for safety car check
- Rules for safety car start
- Rules for safety car stop
- Rules for safety car parking

Road Accidents:
- Auto Emergency Tool
- About Air Bag
- Entries in the Car
- Exits from Extreme Situations
- How to Escape from a Sinking Car
- Passenger Rescue and Extraction
- See how to control your fear and panic

Self Defense Techniques:
- Defending against Stick
- Defending against Knife
- Defending against Gun

- Self Defense Around and inside the Car:
- Self Defense against Punch, Kicks, Grabbing Around and Inside the Car
- Self Defense against Stick Attack Around the Car
- Self Defense against Knife Threat and Attack Around and Inside the Car
- Self Defense against Gun Threat Around and Inside the Car

No experience is needed. Everyone is welcome!
Every skill level will be accommodated.
The presented techniques can be used for the training of workers in Security jobs, Bodyguards, Police, Military Services and for Citizens.


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