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About Soko Combat System 

Soko Combat System is not a martial art. It is a complex system of training which aims to train a person in self-defense in real life conditions, considering the person’s personal, natural, mental and physical abilities, and all this in shortest possible time.

One of the Soko’s main advantage in addition to being highly effective and straightforward system, is shortening the time between learning and application of learned skills in real combat.

This attribute of Soko Combat system was recognized by Ministry of Justice, Army and Police forces in Serbia, which unfortunately has rather large experience in armed conflicts. Today, we have continuous cooperation with various security services in developing and conducting training courses in combat areas typical for their field of activity.

It is important to emphasize that Soko is NOT any kind of mythical foolproof system. Ability to apply what is learned depends on participants. Soko is here to demystify combat realm and through unique methodological approach helps people to gain abilities to FIGHT, SURVIVE, AND PREVAIL, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE WITH ANY WEAPON! 

Impressions of former Royal Marine Commando about Soko Combat Intensive Instructors Course

Why choose Soko Combat System
The Soko Combat System Instructor Certification Course covers all types and ranges of Stand-Up combat, on-ground combat, armed and unarmed combat. On the streets, you can call on these practical skills to get you, friends or family out of any situation. Soko is based on the need to train men for Close Combat in the shortest possible time.

Material which we cover in Intensive Instructors Course is excellent and suitable both for civilians and professionals who work in the military, police, and security services, like bodyguards etc.

Our goal is not to replace the system you are learning, but to teach you more practical applications of what you may already know.  And if this is your first time to consider a fighting system, there's no better place then Soko to start.

What will you gain by attending Soko intensive instructors course
Over six days participants will learn about methodology which separates SCS from similar styles. One of the most prominent features of Soko Combat System is simplicity and quickness of learning and application of material shown on the course.

Participants will see and learn most effective, proven and combat tested CQC techniques in various conditions: H2H, knife, stick, handgun. Also, participants will learn how to execute multiple strikes, how to fight in a non-linear way with multiple armed and unarmed opponents, how to control  breathing and how to increase and revitalize energy levels. Also, we will present and teach principles and methodology of strengthening the body in order to absorb and redirect opponents punches and kicks, a methodology of increasing physical and psychological performance and, a methodology of fighting with and without weapons in matrix combinatorics and much more.

In the modern world of CQC, it is not enough to be familiar with stand up fighting on medium distance. If you want to be successful in CQC you need to be comfortable in all situations, stances, and distances including punches, kicks, takedowns, and defenses from all mentioned, disarmaments whether it is H2H, knife, stick handgun, flexible weapon or any kind of improvised weapon. You need to be familiar with all this when you are on the ground, in the water, car…ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with ANY WEAPON! This wouldn’t be complete without raising and developing situational awareness


All being said, our aim is to teach you to train and fight both, HARD and SMART! But believe it or not, training hard and smart still isn’t enough! So we in Soko Combat also rely on psychology, we welcome our fears. Soko will teach you how to control your emotions and not to let emotions influence your performance. So here comes the visualization and autogenic training.

If you are a serious student of combativeness and seriously observe Military, police, bodyguard or any kind of civilian combat training, all above mentioned is crucial in surviving and prevailing any combat situation.

Soko is much more than just a martial art. It teaches you in how to survive and prevail in a worst case scenario anytime, anywhere with any weapon in all weather conditions, and in all terrains!

After all, that being said, if you want to learn how to defend yourself, your family or to teach others how to do the same, you are at the right place. Join us, and let’s grow and learn together.

Intensive Soko Combat System Instructor Certification Course will be held for the 7th time from the 12th to 17th of September, 2016.

For more information, please contact us via mail:
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Igor Grujic
Head Instructor and Founder
Soko Combat System

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